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Billy Crystal quotes

Change is such hard work.

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.

What's so fascinating and frustrating and great about life is that you're constantly starting over, all the time, and I love that.

My grandparents invented joylessness. They were not fun. I've already had more fun with my grandchildren than my grandparents ever had with me.

My granddaughter's birth has made me want to create things she will love.

At 60, I could do the same things I could do at 30, if I could only remember what those things are.

I'm comfortable being old... being black... being Jewish.

To be good, you need to believe in what you're doing.

I'd like to think there is a Heaven, and it starts from the happiest day in your life.

Bambi, to a kid, was scary.

Even when I was in school shows, in elementary school doing plays, I'd always go off book and start improvising.

From the first time I saw Sid Caesar be funny I knew that's what I had to do.

Gentlemen, start your egos.

I can't be funny if my feet don't feel right.

Nobody is more truthful when he's acting than De Niro.

That's the thing about jazz: it's free flowing, it comes from your soul.

Well, the way things are going, aside from wheat and auto parts, America's biggest export is now the Oscar.

You really have to have some muscle to be on the stage in front of the world.

A laugh is a weird sound, and when you get a couple thousand people making it at once, it's really strange. But when I can feel proud of myself for causing it, it's great.

Dad had a music store, and he'd often bring home comedy albums that I would listen to. I started listening to Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby, and developing taste. They really influenced my style of comedy.