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Fiona Apple quotes

I dare anybody to look at me and say I'm anorexic. I'm so totally not.

I don't have a big thing about leaving my mark or being historic.

I never went to concerts when I was a kid, so I never knew if what I was doing onstage was right.

I resent limitations. I'm going to be this way for a while.

I want to be like the patron saint of reality.

I was so self-critical. I still am, but it's not as bad anymore.

I wasn't very ambitious as a child. I'm still not.

I'm a really good parent to myself sometimes, and I do things that make me learn and grow.

I'm here because of what I write. Obviously, I must know something.

I'm not used to not having enough time to live with the songs. Usually, if I write something, I live with it for a little while.

I've never been to the websites. It's a lot healthier for me to keep out of the conversations about me.

If you want to see me cry, just come to a photo shoot.

My whole life, people have been saying, Why are you so angry?

No, I've never wanted kids. But I do read about parenting a lot.

Our ancestors always thought of the worst thing that could happen, and that's why we're alive.

The age thing really bugs me. Do people have more of a right to not like what I say because I'm 19?

I got all my work done to graduate in two months and then they were like, I'm sorry, you have to take driver's ed. I just kind of went, Oh, forget it.

You think you're looking at things all the time, but you're not looking at things, you're looking at what your brain is interpreting through light and color. And who knows what everybody else sees?

Hearing my songs in public freaks me out a bit. There was one restaurant I really liked in L.A., but I had to stop going there when they started playing my music. It felt kinda awkward.

I feel like I'm 100 years old. I can't tell you what I did today. I can't tell you what I did for seven years. I can't tell you. It happens so seamlessly - I'm just floating along and seven years go by.