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Antony Sher quotes

A lot of good actors tend to be quite introverted as people.

Every play I do, every book I write, every painting I paint, I will struggle with. I don't know what it's like for a project to come easy.

I believe deeply in therapy. There's no one in the world who wouldn't benefit from it.

I don't believe in an afterlife.

I have no cynicism at all.

I love playing outsiders, I always do.

I love the mixture that's in me. It makes me me. And that's why it's such a shame that people waste energy in denying who they are.

I was never built to play the hero. Physically or emotionally... And they're not as rewarding to play. At least for me.

I'm a complete technophobe. I can't even email.

I'm a huge fan of David Hockney. I love the way he keeps reinventing himself.

I'm always very proud of belonging to three minorities: gay, Jewish, white South African.

If I could write a letter to my teenage self, I'd probably say something like: 'You ain't gonna believe what will become of you.'

It's good for actors to confront those things we have to act: panic, pain and death.

Life is just more comfortable if you're honest and open about everything. I spent so many years being in the closet about one thing or another.

My grandparents all came from Lithuania to South Africa.

The whole of my acting career is a bit of a mystery to me.

We've all got darkness inside us. And I've got quite a lot of darkness.

What drew me to acting in the first place was disguise.

When I'm painting and drawing I only do people. Acting is obviously portraiture - and writing is as well.

As a gay Jewish white South African, I belong to quite a lot of minority groups. You constantly have to question who you are, what you are and whether you have the courage to be who you are.